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Jakes Story (Chapter 1)

I had to tell them that typewriters were out. It just wouldn't work. With a couple dozen PHD's among them, you'd think these guys could have figured that one out on their own.

Even with an electric typewriter, those little white mice weren't going to have the upper arm strength to press down the keys more than once or twice. 

But, I had an idea. I told them I could rig up the bottom of the mouse cage with a really large touch pad, divided into words. Then, when the mouse ran around the cage, it would type words on a computer screen. 

Apparently their whole idea was some kind of better mouse living through chemistry thing.  They thought they could dramatically elevate these little  mice's brain ability with some new kind of wonder drug concoctions. Among other stuff, they hoped to measure the progress by how well the little guys learned to write. Mice learning to write.... 

Yeah. Pull the other leg, Leroy.

Of course these are the same people that thought a mouse could operate a keyboard.  That's where my touch-floor pad idea came in. 

It was a great idea. Maybe a little too great.

See, the research geeks would trust their chemicals and equations, but they didn't trust the technology. At least, that was their excuse. Thus, I got a new title:  “Designated Research Subject Coordinator”. 

Sounds cool, huh? What they really meant was rat babysitter. And not just during the day, or during my work shift. I'm supposed to hang out with these things, live with them. 

I didn't even get to take them home. They set up a room in the basement of the Lab Sciences building. There was a bed, a desk, a sink and a toilet, but no shower.  There was also this little black and white TV, and a refrigerator that held maybe half a pizza and a six pack.  

Woo Hoo! I'm stylin' now.” 

Oh, and there was a computer that I would be sharing with the mice, err, subjects. More on that later.

You know, years ago, when all those aunts and uncles used to ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, the words “rat” and “babysitter” never came up, let alone side by side. 

Better living through chemistry?  Wonder if the mice will share...?

Willie, Frank & 500 Words



Book One of the Poison and Wine series by C.H. Valentino and Eldon Hughes.

    There's a battle underway in New Orleans. It's a game being played between the voodoo Barons Samedi and LaCroix.

    Danni Toussaint has a nail in her chest, the mark of her debt to The Baron Samedi. To repay him, she steals souls.

   Michael Belew works for the Sisters of New Orleans. Nuns in the 9th Ward are missing, and he suspects voodoo is the cause.  He's desperate.

    He drafts Danni to help find them. Now they are pawns in the Baron's game.

There is no winning the game. There's only survival. But even that could cost Michael his soul.

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