I Found A Knife

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I Found A Knife

April-June, 2007

"I found a bloody knife in my basement late last night. It was in a small, rust covered tin box, tucked up inside a panel in the basement ceiling..."


Chapter One -- I Found a Knife

Chapter Two -- But What About the Blood?

Chapter Three -- The Morning Glory Cafe

Chapter Four -- 1956 -- The First Time

Chapter Five -- I Lost a Knife

Chapter Six -- Yellow Roses are for Remembering

Chapter Seven -- Face Value 

Chapter Eight -- High Tea in a Small Town

Chapter Nine -- 1956, Again...

Chapter Ten -- Oh Goody, A Quest...

Chapter Eleven -- 1956, For the Last Time

Chapter Twelve -- The Gardener's Tale

Chapter Thirteen -- No More Secrets 

Some Notes from EldonHughes


Book One of the Poison and Wine series by C.H. Valentino and Eldon Hughes.

    There's a battle underway in New Orleans. It's a game being played between the voodoo Barons Samedi and LaCroix.

    Danni Toussaint has a nail in her chest, the mark of her debt to The Baron Samedi. To repay him, she steals souls.

   Michael Belew works for the Sisters of New Orleans. Nuns in the 9th Ward are missing, and he suspects voodoo is the cause.  He's desperate.

    He drafts Danni to help find them. Now they are pawns in the Baron's game.

There is no winning the game. There's only survival. But even that could cost Michael his soul.

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