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Thanks for stopping by-- 

There are a million things on the internet screaming for your attention, and a thousand more things awaiting each of us offline.  Thanks for making this one of the things to get a piece of your time.

My unending thanks to each of you who told someone else about this story.

A few other things --

In response to a couple of reader's comments -- Yes, I know, not every question was answered. I think the most important ones were, though. "Where did the knife come from? " , "What happened to Riley and her child?",  and, "Just who was the child’s father?"

My favorite question that wasn’t answered? What happened to Marshall when his wife got home from the conference and saw what he did to the basement? 

Can’t you just see him?  He's on the couch, working on his computer.  His wife goes by him with a load of laundry and starts down the basement stairs. There's the fading sound of her steps on the stairs, and then...“Honey?!?”

Yes there is another story online now.  The story of Willie & Frank starts here.

There are more stories coming from Joshua's Hollow. Stick around!

I’ll send you an invite when the next story opens.

Where can I read more stories by Eldon Hughes?

Here’s the thing. There are a couple of different, novel length stories sitting on a shelf in my office, with query letters bouncing around the ether, and the U.S. Postal Service, all trying to catch the attention of one of the great gods of publishing.  Send good thoughts their way when you can.

In short, if you liked what you read, tell a friend, tell an enemy… tell an agent! (Really, give them my email address. I'll make sure you get the first autographed copy. Or, if it hasn't sold on Ebay by then, I'll give you the knife.   OH COME ON,  You knew Tulley lied about throwing it away, right?...)

Meantime, Thank you for coming along for the ride. See you soon.





Book One of the Poison and Wine series by C.H. Valentino and Eldon Hughes.

    There's a battle underway in New Orleans. It's a game being played between the voodoo Barons Samedi and LaCroix.

    Danni Toussaint has a nail in her chest, the mark of her debt to The Baron Samedi. To repay him, she steals souls.

   Michael Belew works for the Sisters of New Orleans. Nuns in the 9th Ward are missing, and he suspects voodoo is the cause.  He's desperate.

    He drafts Danni to help find them. Now they are pawns in the Baron's game.

There is no winning the game. There's only survival. But even that could cost Michael his soul.

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