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   Everyone has a story. Most folks have more than a few.  Our stories, both true and fictional, are what make us unique... and what make us the same. 

    It's good to stoke the fire and tell a few from time to time. 



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I Found a Knife

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Willie & Frank

    This site began  with I Found a Knife, written as an experiment to see if I could produce and publish a story, effectively, entirely within Google Apps.

After that other stories showed up, all of them wanting to be told.  Google Apps was fine for a single story, but it had its limitations.  I had to move all of them to a site of their own, here.

    If  you're enjoying the site, please tell a friend.  If not.. please tell me. 

    Either way, thanks for stopping by....



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Book One of the Poison and Wine series by C.H. Valentino and Eldon Hughes.

Dust To Dust -Book Two in the Series. 

Coming Spring, 2015 - Book Three! 



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